Success is Creating Opportunity

Are you creating opportunities for yourself today?

In the article, you’ll learn... what success really is.


My job is not to make you successful, my job is to create an opportunity for you to become successful. I’m not going to catch a fish for you, I want to teach you how to fish. Are you ready to learn?

My Story

I hope you are as fortunate as I have been in your life and in business.  Through a series of good decisions and a lot of hard work and being extremely disciplined with my money, investments, and most importantly the people around me, I have accomplished more than I ever imagined possible.

I have learned a lot about success that they can’t and don’t teach in school—mostly from watching those around me.

I have seen a lot of guys who started way ahead of me blew it all.

What I’ve Seen From Others

I have seen multiple buddies in the past believe that once they became successful, they felt they were obligated to share their success with those around them.

I watched Ralph in Vegas give employees money to gamble.  Bob bought his people fancy watches when the company did well, and Tom would give people advances on money not yet earned. They all went broke.

I watched this other guy, unnamed dude, climb the ladder, started making money and he did the same thing. Overpays his people, advances money, makes bad deals and always picked up the bill.  Even when others wanted to pick up the bill he insisted on being the guy.

One day I asked him, “Do you feel obligated for everyone around you or do you feel guilty for being successful?”  He immediately answered, “Yes to the first and I am not sure to the second!”  He went on to say, “I believe success is about sharing my abundance with everyone around me.”

He asked me, “What do you think?”  I told him, “When I create success in business it creates opportunities for others and no more. I will never rob a person of their choice to create abundance for themselves out of this.  I will prod, push, inspire, and even hammer that person to do the right thing but I will never give someone what they can do for themselves.”


I believe my job is to create success and provide people around me with opportunities to improve their station in life.  Every time I have simply given someone a handout or more than they earned they either blow it or resent me or both.  It is up to the individual to take the opportunity and convert that into prosperity and abundance.

What do you think? Leave your comment below.

An Opportunity For You

What you don’t know about money will cost you money. Like everything else, the world is changing and that includes money.

Here are a few things you will learn from my best seller Playbook to Millions

#1 Saving money is no longer a workable solution for those who seek financial independence.

#2 The first rule for investing is invest in yourself until you have 100k put away, then invest in cash flow mechanisms only.

#3 The traditional investment concepts were built to benefit banks & wall street—not you.

#4 A house is NOT an investment it’s a liability. Own what you can rent to others and rent where you live._

#5 The 3M’s of Money—Make money, manage money, multiply money. 

I did a ten-hour course on this topic and would love for you to have it to secure your financial future.

The colleges didn’t teach you, your parents couldn’t teach you, and Wall Street and the Banks won’t teach you this.

If you are like me you have always dreamed of financial independence.  Saving is not the way. You must increase your income, then correctly put that money to work in assets and businesses that will pay you when you aren’t working.

I’m creating an opportunity for you today to have more success in your life with my Playbook To Millions. The only question is, will you take advantage of it?

Be Great,



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