Start and Finish, Win the Race!

Top 50 Traits of Great Salespeople #44: Great salespeople are good at starting things and great at finishing them.

Great salespeople have always been at the forefront to start ideas and to bring them to fruition. As a long-time sales expert, I am highly self-motivated to start new projects. This can be anything from starting a new sales cycles with a prospective client, to coming up with a new book or audio program. I am in constant search for new challenges to take on, new problems to solve, and new ways to improve myself and my business. The reason behind this proactive tendency is to ensure more iron in the fire – Success will happen for me!

Finishing projects is the most important part of any plan of action. New beginnings are absolutely useless if I don’t bring them to life and carry them through to completion. This is a discipline. I can start a million projects, but if I don’t complete any of them, then none of the projects big or small can work for me.

Example, if I start a sales cycle with a client, I am making an investment, also known as, taking a risk. I am devoting time and energy in hopes of closing them (finishing the sales cycle) that will get me commission. Now, if I start more cycles than anyone else and I finish all of them, then I will be virtually guaranteed to reach the top levels of my profession. Great salespeople are constantly looking for new things to start and they know that the only benefit to starting something new is to finish it.

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