Secret to Sale: Create Value

22. GREAT Salespeople are completely convinced that their products and services hold more value than the money they charge for them.
The product or service you sell is worth more to your client in value than the selling price. This is an absolute must for the sale to happen. If the customer doesn’t believe that they can get more out of the product or service than what they pay, then the sale will never happen.

For example, I sell a book on closing tools and techniques called The Closer’s Survival Guide, at a market price of $30 on my online store. Everyone who has ever bought that book believes that they will get more return on their initial $30 investment, meaning, they think they will utilize the tools in the book to be able to close deals and earn themselves their $30 back several (hopefully exponentially) times over.

The same is true for whatever product or service you sell. If you sell cars, then the driver thinks the value of the car is worth more what they’re being asked to pay. They are driving themselves to work and appointments, they’re driving their kids to and from school, everywhere and anywhere. The price of the car doesn’t matter if the buyer believes that the car is vital to travel safely and comfortably.

Thus, don’t lower your price to increase your chances of selling. Focus on providing value far greater than the cost of your product or service. I have been doing my seminar business for decades and one of the most frequent complaints I get before a seminar is about the high price of tickets. Usually from people who have never gone to my seminars. But I believe so strongly that the value that person will gain from my seminar is above and beyond what they paid for the ticket. I would never lower my price but rather continue to build value in my services. Indeed many of those people who complained about the price went on to become my biggest fans after the seminar because they were able to close customers in greater quantities and increase their income.


  1. This works for any product. From the car, to seminars, to books, to watches, any type of consulting service, any type of service.
  2. Never sell anything that you aren’t genuinely sold on.

A Great sales person knows that value must exceed price to make the sale. Sell it!

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