Schedule Short Breaks to Stay Motivated

Schedule short breaks. Look, if you need little short breaks during the day, take them and control them. I am talking about short, short. I am talking about taking a 45 second break.
You’re thinking, “What? Take a 45 second break?” Yeah, you’re on the phone making phone calls, take a 45 second break. Take a short break, hit it again and actually watch the 45 seconds go away.

See, you’re not controlling time right now. If you need a short break, take a short break but how long is the short break? You say, “Oh I am going to take a break, Sheri, I’ll be back.” What does that mean? Short is 40 seconds!

Schedule some short breaks during the day and watch how it motivates you get back on it and hit it again. In fact, it might actually make it unnecessary for you to take the break at all.

Have a discussion on this concept of short breaks and write down how you can take 4 short breaks today and see what they do for you to get you excited.

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