Recessions are for Economies, NOT Individuals

The television, the radio and the economist continue to report how much is wrong with the American Economy. Then viewers and listeners go into agreement with the reports and make the bad news reported become reality for themselves. I have been through about NINE of these so called “pullbacks” over my life-time and have survived every one of them!
Here is some basic info you need to know:

1. Recession is defined as a temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in production over two successive quarters.

2. If you don’t personally have a temporary decline or fall in production, it means you would not experience a recession.


A recession does not mean every individual need participate or that YOU personally have to be impacted. I personally have no intention of being involved in this reported bad news and I refuse to participate in any and all economic declines, pullbacks or shrinkage of any sort! You don’t have to participate either if you choose not to!

In order not to participate in any recession, you must do two things:

1. Act differently from the masses of people accepting recession as their unavoidable fate.

2. Do whatever is necessary not to have a decline or fall in your production!


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