Pay the Price

Are you sabotaging yourself when it comes to getting a job or promotion?

This past week on my radio show, my topic was focused on how to help people make a wage they can live on. I was speaking to a couple of prominent business owners and an executive recruiter regarding the unemployment numbers and what it takes to land a job that actually pays a living wage. These professionals all pointed out the same thing; people are sabotaging their own success!

According to the experts, here are a few ways people are turning off employers and losing job opportunities:

  • Not researching the company or position so they have no idea what they are applying for.
  • Not showing up for the interview.
  • Leaving a phone number on a resume that has no voice mail setup.
  • Coming to the interview dressed inappropriately, flip flops, holes in socks, etc.
  • Showing more concern for vacation and benefits than how they can be an asset to the company.
  • Showing up late.

Man, these are all examples of folks that are just not willing to pay the price for greatness and success. And they represent a HUGE opportunity for those who choose to capitalize on it. If you are looking for work, it’s easy to stand out and differentiate yourself in the marketplace by being professional, dressing well, communicating well and being willing to do whatever it takes.

Want a job? Want to stand out? Do these 7 things when looking for work or a promotion:

  1. Know the company and what they do.
  2. Setup your voicemail.
  3. ALWAYS answer your phone professionally. You never know what opportunity is knocking.
  4. SHOW UP! You will be amazed how far this can get you.
  5. Dress professionally.
  6. Be willing to do the hard jobs and pay the price to earn the better jobs.
  7. Sell your willingness to be an asset. Talk about what you can do for the company, not what they need to do for you.

It’s so simple to shine these days, you can wow that employer or your current manager with these basic things and hard work. Don’t be afraid of hard work and paying the price. You will reap the rewards in the end. Be a pro, talk like a pro, dress like a pro and you will be treated like a pro.

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