Money Won’t Make You Happy, But…

How many times have you heard that money won’t make you happy?

Next time anybody tells you that, forward them this…

Money won’t make you happy but it will buy:

A Good Steak 

5-Star Vacations ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Money won’t make you happy… but it will buy:

Food for your pets

A Ski Trip

…or a Boat Trip

Again, money won’t make you happy… but it will buy:

Small Things that Make Life Better such as Sunglasses, Shoes, and $5 Coffee Each morning…

Or Bigger Things Like a Jet, a Luxury Car, and a Pricey Dress for Your Wife

Money won’t make you happy… but it will buy:

  • A Workout Trainer
  • A Night Out with Your Love
  • Mother’s Day Gift
  • Kids College
  • House
  • Insurance
  • Advertising 
  • First-Class Seat

Money won’t make you happy…but can get you front row seats at the World Series for $100,000 

Or you can fill out a stadium yourself by putting on a conference for $10 million:

Money won’t make you happy, but…I will leave you with this:

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  • Xavier Echavarria

    I didn’t see pay all my Bill’s on the list of money won’t make you happy!
    It makes me feel good when I’m not stressed on paying my bills.. and have money left over.!

  • Gustavo Correa

    I just sent it to mom! 🙂 I love my mom but she needs to read this. Thanks Grant Cardone for being you and show us what’s possible.

  • Mojca

    Cardone you are crazy and everything is right just you said!

  • LeRue


  • Luong Nguyen

    Very awesome this is a motivation for me!

  • Mia Williams

    Hello Mr Grant cardone my name is mia m Williams and. I am lifted up i feel so much happier. 👌 I’m interested. Only i live off social security monthly. And one day i hope to do better with my life thankyou😊

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