Make the News Don’t Watch the News

Make the news, quit watching the news.

Too many people are sitting on their sofas WATCHING the news, and not thinking about MAKING news. That’s what we’re doing in this whole series here. I am trying to shift your thinking about what you’re doing. I don’t want to manage time, I want to own it and control it. I don’t want to compete, I want to dominate. I don’t want to watch news and receive it, when I can make the news.

Who are the players on this planet? There are three groups of players on this planet. The guys making the news; they’re making it so people are reporting about them, and they are getting attention. Most of the time it is not good attention. Number two here are the people that are reporting it. And number three; the big-big giant players, that are so big, that they are the puppeteers. They’re running things, and they don’t even want anybody to know who they are because they are not managing, but actually controlling the whole entire game.

Make the news. Quit watching the news. Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, tight T-shirt boy – Anderson Cooper, O’Reilly, the Sean Hannity cat, these guys are banking! They are hitting some serious, serious, serious bank. They get tremendous amounts of attention because they’re reporting news. What I want you to do is start thinking about this, and it is not being a reporter. You don’t have to be O’Reilly or Hannity or Anderson Cooper. I want you to think about how you can make the news in your sector. Ask yourself, “How can I live in my little town, my village, my city, the big city, or wherever, and make the news there?”

Think about how you can become newsworthy, and you’re being proactive now. You’re being the originator of news, not the receiver of news. How could you do this? Write articles, blog on the internet. You could do more research and become the professional, the Expert.

MAKE THE NEWS! Be on offense, not on defense. Don’t be a spectator. Spectators pay, the players get paid. So make the news, don’t watch the news.

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