Keep Moving Forward!

Only You can make it happen.When it comes to getting what you want out of life, no one can make it happen for you, except YOU. That’s the trick: you MUST keep moving forward.
Moving forward is always about intention and commitment to stay on track regardless of any struggles and obstacles.

Method is unimportant! Be less interested in “HOW” you will make your dreams come true.

Focus on:
1) Intention
2) Action
3) Just simply moving forward

It almost feels like an old bad joke: How do you get to the other side of the road?
You put one foot in front of the other and sooner or later you will get there!
The most ideal situation is that you have all the best equipment, the best training and you are completely prepared for the adventure. But in life this will almost NEVER be the case! Sometimes you will find yourself without the perfect equipment, without the resources, maybe even without training or education, but you can still find your way as long as you keep moving and do not quit.

It’s about being completely UNREASONABLE in your quest to get to “that place” that represents success and dreams come true.
My accomplishments in life have all come to me by moving forward no matter the circumstances. I encourage you to adopt this attitude! More often than not, the method will show up as you move forward.

Do it now, figure it out later!

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