It Was a Myth All Along…

Have you ever had a customer tell you that what you’re selling costs too much and then goes to your competition only to purchase the same (if not lesser) product at an even higher price?
That’s proof that the value we know as “price” is a myth. The customer really wasn’t talking about the worth of what you’re selling but instead, the worth of the sales experience created not being valuable enough for the price.

Value comes from the experience that you have built with the customer throughout the sales process. When you spend too much time talking about the price, you’re compromising the value of what you offer through service. This doesn’t mean price doesn’t matter but rather take care of it in the right way and return to building value!

Always keep in mind that it’s almost never price. I guarantee that 9 out of 10 times the issue isn’t price. Think back on that last item or service you purchased where you went over budget because you just had that urge. You wanted it so much to the point where you felt like you simply needed it. Price wasn’t the factor because you fell in love with that product and were convinced that what you were feeling wasn’t a bad thing.

Prove to the client that what they’re going to purchase is based off of a decision that will fulfill one of their needs and back it up with incredible service. Once you close that sale, you’ll realize that price was a myth all along.

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