Is Fitting in Costing You?

I recently wrote an article about how poor customer service is driving people to make their purchases online. This has been one of my best received articles on Huffington Post. I’m used to expecting criticism because I know not everyone thinks the same as me. People may be scared that I’m trying to break the status quo or they simply have been taught to only go for the middle. To fit right in.
Where has “fitting in” got you? Have you simply been fitting in with all of your friends, family, neighbors, and competitors who are feeling the effects of this recession the same as you?

The point is, you can not simply go for fitting in. You have to be the guy or gal who others see doing more than they thought possible — lead by example. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the very top of the ladder, or the guy on the bottom holding up the ladder.

How does this relate to customer service? Imagine if all the people at the supposed “bottom” gave exemplary customer service. If that associate at the store greeted you immediately as you walked in and gave you as much attention as they could. Imagine if they treated you like you were going to spend a million dollars. If they did, I guarantee the majority of the time you’ll spend money right then and there.

Now imagine if that was you when you wait on your customers.

Don’t merely fit in, provide customer service at a level that goes beyond what anyone else is doing, and you will always win customers.


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