Hustle Muscle For Millenials

It seems like every other minute there’s another “expert” in the news hammering at the Millenials (the generation of people ages 18-30) who are starting to make their mark in the workforce.

It’s not easy out there for anyone, and this group in particular is currently suffering at a 16.8% unemployment rate. There are plenty of people between 18-30 who are talented, smart and eager to earn, who are yet unemployed or underemployed and stuck. Here are five things you must do, Millenial or not, so you can get to the life you want as fast as possible.

  1. Shrug off the bad rap.
    Look, every generation bashes the one that comes after it. My grandpa bashed my dad’s generation and my dad bashed mine. This will continue to happen so don’t let it get in your head. Instead, prove everyone wrong. Set goals for yourself with a clear list of actions you must take to make things happen.
  2. Opportunity is everywhere.
    Quit thinking you can send resumes to the black hole of the HR department or rely on job boards to land a great position. Instead, find out about the businesses in your area, find 10 people you would want to work for and then get in front of those people. You want to find the people at the top, call them, tweet them, e-mail them, and just hammer at them until you get a face-to-face meeting. That is how you get noticed in today’s marketplace. You get creative, resourceful and stop at nothing to sell yourself.
  3. Gain access and learn.
    Understand that you will have to prove yourself. My current VP of sales started with me 4 years ago making less than $3000 per month. I told him I’d teach him all he needed to know about sales so he could develop and grow. He just turned 30 and will earn over $300k this year. Accepting less money at the start for access to those who will teach you can pay off tremendously.
  4. Set the bar higher than the middle class myth dictates.
    Look, your parents and their parents bought into a myth that made the middle class something worth of aspiring for. The middle class idea doesn’t benefit anyone but politicians. Don’t strive for middle. Strive for greatness.
  5. Surround yourself with big thinkers and big earners.
    Expand your friendships to include people who are doing far better than you are. Then, learn from them. Go where they go – restaurants, sporting events, charity functions. Find a way to help these people and get yourself noticed in the process.

Every week via my online show, I’ll be offering tips to help the Young Hustlers out there–the 18-30 year old players that want to build wealth for themselves. Maybe you’re 19 with a high school degree and no idea what to do next. Maybe you fell into a sales job but have zero training on how to make the most of it. Maybe you are freaking out because your student loans kicked in and you can’t afford to pay them.

No matter your educational history, your future is yours to create and I will help you. I’ll lay it out for you straight so you know how to go about finding money and building wealth. You can watch the introductory episode here:

To kick this off, I’m looking for people 18-30 to help me create a name for the show to replace “Young Hustlers.” The winner will receive our Power Jar filled with “Don’t Be A Little Bitch,” “Hustle Muscle,” and “Whatever it Takes” wristbands.

It’s time for a new generation to make their mark and instead of me slamming generations after me, I’m choosing to mentor and motivate them. Hit me up on Twitter @grantcardone and fire off a question. We’ll also take callers to give people a chance to ask a question on the air. Looking forward to it.

Be great!

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  • Grant Cardone

    Thanks Edward!

  • Clint

    Mr. Cardone-I hope this message reaches you well and in a timely fashion but I’ll keep tweeting you to ensure you do
    see it within a week.

    I could write for pages about how much this article
    applies to me as a senior who is about to graduate from Michigan State
    University with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing but I would rather write about
    how I am going to meet you in person within the next 365 days. Sorry if that
    comes off as too intense but I have learned that if I want to do well or even
    anything my in life then I need to see success not as an option, but rather as
    an obligation and (my personal favorite) DUTY.

    I have also learned to write down my
    goals every single day-I’m talking about my daily goals as well as my life long
    goals and no I don’t mean vague goals man, I mean goals that have time
    sensitive deadlines. Sometimes goals that only take 15 minutes to accomplish so
    I’m not wasting any of my time because it would just be downright unethical to
    waste my time or anyone else’s time man and I am working on being the most
    ethical person I know. If I did waste mine or anyone else’s time then I would
    have to SPRINT everywhere I go and I’m already running(brisk jog) everywhere I
    go because I don’t usually take breaks. IF I do then they’re only for 45
    seconds so I can control my time. Man, I have been so busy lately because I do
    not have any ‘white space’ on my calendar and Grant it’s in part your fault!

    Yea sure I have no white space on my
    calendar but I’m sure as hell happy I finally read this article which a good
    friend sent me a month ago. He told me that I have to read it because it’s so
    applicable to my life right now and that his dad (best dude we both know) sent
    it to him. I’m sure you already know what I’m about to say next but I’ll tell
    you anyways-your 100 Ways to Stay Motivated has turned my life around. My friend’s
    dad referred to above helped me through a really hard time one year ago and he
    even recommended I check out these ‘Grant Cardone’ videos that he watches every morning. I’ll keep it real and be honest with you-I thought the idea of
    watching a minute long video every morning was the dumbest thing I had ever
    heard so it took me a while to actually watch just one. I’m glad I actually
    watched that first one because I haven’t stopped since and that was about 10 or
    11 months ago.

    I have to tell you that the only reason
    I watched that first one was because I googled your name to try and figure out
    your real story and holy shit man, we share a pretty similar past. Anyways MSU
    is about to tip off in 1 minute against VT and I have to get out of this library
    so I can go watch it. Last thing I have to say is that I am going to do
    whatever it takes to meet you because one of your videos says to make a list of
    contacts that would change your life and out of the 5 suggested people, I could
    only come up with 2 names-yours and someone I can’t even remember now haha.
    Your videos have already changed my life but I haven’t even met you yet hence
    why I’m still at this library on a Friday night (9:26 EST here) writing.

    PS-it looks like you’re looking for a new name for the show. Here’s what I think it should be called-LISTEN. I was thinking ‘Just Listen’ but I like how short ‘Listen’ is so no one wasted their time saying two words instead of one. I’ll explain why I like ‘Listen’ later on.

    -Clint Warber

  • Trevor

    Great show!

    Name idea: Generation Rich (Gen-R)

  • rosie

    Millennial $ maker sounds great!

  • Jonathan David Cardinale

    Cash Clarity

  • Javier Bustamante

    “In it to win It” It’s time for a new generation to make their mark.- Lets get intense. #inittowinit

  • Gus DeLeon

    Grant & Jarrod Great stuff! here is the name for show. I know you guys are love, lets do it!

    I am 30yrs old i’ll 31 in may, Sales Manager and Business owner your spot on with this message. REBRAND the show #millennialmoneymaker get it done and lets get some bands done with too!
    #millennial$maker, #millennialmoneymaker

  • Adrian Zepeda

    “Young, Rich, & Dangerous”

  • Adrian Zepeda

    I’m 21 & by age 25 I will have a Net Worth of 100 million. Think it, Say it, do it, & then create it. If I come up short to my goal I’m sure I’ll still be pleasantly surprised.

    “Young, Rich, & Dangerous”

  • Kyle Elder

    “Entrepreneurs: Dawn of a New Age”

  • edward marculewicz

    Love ya Grant. You are a power machine! You blow the doors off the limiting thinking and put people in overdrive!
    Ed Marculewicz

  • Dan Rountree

    Gen X : 10X

  • Johnny

    Great advice as always Grant!

  • Anthony Phillips

    I agree. Earning money creates a disciplined lifestyle where all the stuff that matters falls along with it. Success with money will bring more freedom that will allow the family and people to around you to enjoy. The best part of it is that along the journey, you meet these people who will become family and the “old” friends that aren’t supporting you in that will only hurt you.

  • Grant Cardone

    Thanks Anthony!

  • Andre Cota

    The Young Rich & Relentless!

  • Alejandra Halvorssen

    I love your talk, I am 40, we have 5 children from 18 to 7 years old. But I disagree with you when you tell young kids to focus only on the earning money part and forget about moms advise about getting married and having kids. Part of the power machine that moves anybody to a better person and a better way of life is precisely waking up every morning supported by the person you love on your side and taking your amazing children to school, sports, see their success… Having money just as a Life Goal, ends in depression, emptiness.

  • Wes McConney

    I’m right there too, 27 and hungry for success, been in car sales for 2 years now. Loving every day but I want more. I have been listening to the 10x rule and sell to survive and I’m looking at things differently than I ever thought before. #dontbealittlebitch

  • Michael Clark

    Young Guns A Blazin’

  • Rich Girl Business

    Hey @GrantCardone! Its me @themrktingmaven! Still following you! #Whateverittakes I will be thinking of a new title 🙂 I am a millennial BTW.

  • Geramy Cullins

    I second that, Anthony. Ill be 26, made 80 last year and its not even close to enough for me. Unfortunately, not as many people our age want it enough, fortunately for us, we do!

  • Lenny Gonzales

    Great advice Grant! Will recruit and train to this with each new hire. Thanks!

  • Jarrod Glandt

    We are really excited about helping the up and coming generation get a leg up! Please submit your questions to

  • Anthony Phillips

    I fall right in middle of the millennial at 25 years old and hungrier than ever. I am a sales addict and always will do what ever it takes! Great post and your books back up everything you preach!

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