How Were You Affected This Week?

The events of this week have reminded me how vulnerable we are to the crazies and cowards that use fear and terror to get attention. It also reminds me of how dangerous the media is to all of us by the way they cover these events. As horrendous as the events of this week were, with two bombs killing three innocent people and hundreds being injured, I believe the media’s coverage of these events to be A MILLION times worse and far more damaging.

During times of uncertainty the world needs you and I to be examples of leadership, security, and confidence. The world does not need more opinions, more gossip, more speculation or more fear. I don’t need to hear that “cowards” are characterized as “terrorists.” Personally they have not terrorized me and I refuse to let them. The only product of the coward is to create more cowards. I refuse to cower. I refuse to speculate, gossip, or watch the endless clips on TV and internet. Leave that to the media to continuously spread its fear and venom since that is their only way to sell their goods and services.

The world needs you and I to be the examples and stewards of what it looks like to live and operate as secure, focused and confident people during times of uncertainty. Be the example that people need. When you hear people talking about these events redirect the conversation to what you want people to be focused on.

The purpose and goal of the coward is to spread fear and terror; causing men, women, and children to be uncertain. The ONLY product of the coward is to create more cowards. I refuse to cower, I refuse to participate or engage in the goals of cowards.

Radiate your confidence today by doing things that make you more confident and secure. Spread confidence and security to all you meet today in your smile, your leadership, and with a warm and enthusiastic “Hello!” Be dependable at work and with your customers and promote certainty by how you treat the people you meet today.

Refuse to share in constant and useless speculation. Be an example of leadership and confidence the world so badly needs.

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