How to Increase Your Sales 200%

I want to share some great news that came my way this week.

The Cardone Group, which was founded with my good friend, Scott Morgan with the single purpose to deliver sales training and efficiencies to auto dealers, was recently hired by Nissan USA. In just a few months, by doing very SIMPLE assessments, we achieved a 193% productivity increase in dealers we trained, over dealers that were not trained. Would you like to increase your sales almost 200%?

While I am not going to share the proprietary details of exactly what we do at these companies, I can tell you this… it’s SIMPLE.

I have found that the most powerful and effective things in business are never complicated; they are always simple. Look, the more simple you can make things, the better for the customer and your people. For example, a shorter sales process would be easier to teach than a longer one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Offering customers information and removing confrontation is what everyone wants. It also makes it easier for less experienced sales people to ramp up and succeed faster.

Want to find out SIMPLE ways to streamline your sales process, increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction? Do this free assessment I just created below – or give my office a call at 310-777-0255 and we’ll take you through it on the phone.

I designed it to help you identify ways to take your productivity and results to levels you never even imagined. Let’s get started on making your dreams a reality.

Be great! I’ll help you get there.

Your road to greatness starts here: Sales Assesment

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