Don’t Be a Weiner – Steer Clear of Self Sabotage

News of Anthony Weiner has been dominating the headlines.

I saw social media explode with comments on this controversial news story calling ethics into question. What we can learn from Anthony Weiner is that he’s an example of how easy it is to make bad decisions that keep us from our goals. Sometimes we choose to do what feels good at the moment, we get away with it and do it again and again and before we know it, we are sabotaging our own success.

When we look at our success, we must look at all the potential risks that can cause damage, including ourselves. People striving for success sabotage themselves every day through poor time management, bad attitude, unhealthy lifestyle, drug or alcohol abuse, chronic lateness, blaming others, not stepping up and taking ownership of a new role, coasting by just doing the minimum, or just maintaining the average status quo. You see the Middle Class in America dwindling to nothing because of exactly this phenomenon.

So how can you protect yourself from suffering injury from your own hand of indulgence? How can you resist the temptation to lay low, do just enough to get by, or let someone else do the hard work? The answer- Stay in high levels of action at all times, laser-focused on those goals and activities that will help you achieve your aims.

Here are 4 quick tips I use to keep focused and keep the devil of idle time at bay:

  1. Assume control of everything. Understand that good or bad, you are 100% responsible for all outcomes. This gets rid of “victim thinking” where everyone else is to blame and excuses are used to justify anything short of greatness.
  2. Set big exciting, challenging goals. Get real about going BIG! No one remains fired up about so-called realistic goals. Set the goals so big that people think you’re insane.
  • Commit to your goals and protect them like your life depended on it –even from yourself. When you are fully committed and “all in,” decisions become clear. You choose what is best for the bigger goal. Anything else is unacceptable.
  • Over pack your calendar so there’s no time for bad decisions. You have to be so on top of your game that even your downtime is productive. But it’s Saturday! I know I want to get these work things clear by noon, so I can enjoy my family. Want to stay for one more beer? Nah, I have to wake up early to workout, and then I have 4 meetings back to back and 3 calls, then I’m looking at an investment opportunity, then I’m preparing for a presentation somewhere in there will be dinner with a prospective client.

You get it? Successful people who are truly sold on their goals continue to have their eye on the prize. They foresee the potential traps and can sidestep sabotage. They have fully packed calendars and are always busy. They know that the second you get comfortable and are not busy, trouble will find you. Get busy!

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