How to Find a Mentor

Hey, it’s Friday and I hope you’re celebrating your freedom—TGIF—Thank God I’m Free! You’ve been killing it all week, don’t stop because others will be going out to bars, clubs, the beach and wasting time when they haven’t reached a level of success to give them that kind of free time. If you’re going to the clubs when your bank account isn’t overflowing with cheddar you need a mentor. But hey, there are more life coaches on the planet than smartphones. So how do you find the right one? First off when you ask for someone to be your mentor you have to be ready. You have to have clarity. The mentor has to have more horsepower than you do. If they roll up in a Corolla, you gotta roll out! How to Find a Mentor Grant Cardone Strategy of the Week You need to surround yourself with people who can mentor you. Build your power base out of people who can mentor you and when you get there you have to know some things: 1. You have to want help 2. You have to be able to receive help 3. You must get rid of non-supporters Your friends and your partner in life have to be on the same page. Look, what are you trying to accomplish? You have to look for the right mentor once you are ready. You have to immerse yourself in their information and their material. If you haven’t read every book they have written, watched every stream they have put out and done the homework they won’t want to mentor you—and you won’t even know if you actually want them as your mentor. Immersing yourself in their material also lets you know if they are current and relevant. And if someone is truly successful, they won’t be available all the time. If they are available all the time, they might not be the person you want mentorship from. Make sure you know these warnings before you immerse yourself: 1. Get rid of mentors in your life before you look for a new one 2. Get your information from one place, not multiple 3. Get something stable. Stop mixing practices. 4. Pick someone that is more successful than where you want to go Once you know you want a mentor, you have gotten rid of non-supports in your life and you are ready to immerse yourself you need to take the 7-Day Challenge. 7-Day Challenge: #7daychallenge Take one week with now media. No newspaper, no TV, no Fox, no CNN, no Netflix, no porn—nothing. You can watch one short movie a day, but make sure it has no ads in it. Don’t follow Twitter, don’t follow Facebook, stay off Google+. And if you want to take it further you can watch only content from—it is the only place you will find where you will get all business, all entrepreneurship, all motivation and all training—no political agenda, no drama, no destruction or war—just business. All we’re telling you here is how to expand. Subscribe to our network today. If you can take the #7daychallenge you might be ready for a mentor. If you can’t block out all of that noise from social media, TV, newspapers and your life you won’t be able to focus on learning from a mentor. A real mentor doesn’t want your money—they want you to know their material, know what they are about, and then you must be 100% sure you want them as a mentor. Get rid of the mentors you have and commit to getting good data. Take the #7daychallenge and figure out what you want. Figure out what you want from life and what you can give. Read my material, get my books, and figure out if you want me as your mentor. Hey, what’s the one thing in the last 24-hours that you did which was a complete waste of time? As a mentor, the first thing I’ll tell you is to drop out anything that is a waste of time. The way to manage time is not to manage it, but to create more time and the way to create more time is to drop things that are wasting it. If you have people you need to mentor on your team, or people who are asking you for mentorship, you must first figure out some kind of mechanism to be able to filter people before you give them the attention. Will you listen to the audio? Will you read a book? Will you go through daily exercises on Cardone University? If someone isn’t willing to commit to dingo those things, I don’t need to mentor them. Make a similar mechanism to filter those seeking mentorship from you. Let me know in the comments below who you want as a mentor and why. Be great, GC

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