How to Be an Extrovert

If you’re younger than 40, you may not know or remember Johnny Carson.

From 1962 to 1992 he was in America’s living rooms each weeknight hosting The Tonight Show.

He was the Jimmy Fallon, the David Letterman, the Jay Leno of his day.

For 30 years, he was King of Late Night.

This was back before the internet when there were fewer channels and people had more attention on television.

He was famous—everyone knew who Johnny Carson was.

On camera, Johnny Carson was quick-witted, loose, and funny.

He appeared to be a perfect extrovert.

But some people called him, “The most private public man who ever lived.

He avoided large parties.

He was called a loner, a hard man to get to know.

Some even said he seemed shy off camera.

The truth was, Johnny Carson was naturally an introvert, but he knew he needed to extrovert himself in order to succeed.

He had no choice but to turn on the extrovert charm while hosting live audiences, giving nightly monologues, and being the center of attention.

I don’t believe that came easy for him—but he’s not the first introvert who was able to overcome himself and play the part of an extrovert.

Steve Martin, Woody Allen are also self-identified introverts.

And so am I.

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Introvert or Extravert

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If you met me at a party I wouldn’t have much to say. If you sat next to me on a long flight I may not say a word to you the entire trip.

I’m an introvert—and I play the part of an extrovert.

If you saw me on YouTube, Instagram, or in a TV interview or at one of my sales seminars you would never know it has never been easy for me to start a conversation with people I don’t know.

After college, I was terrified to go on a job interview until I realized employers weren’t going to come to my house and hire me.

I had been selling cars for seven years and still never got comfortable saying hello to a customer.

Yet I still reached the top 1% of all the salespeople in the auto industry.

You can adapt, and be an introvert or an extrovert, depending on the situation.

If you are hosting a party you appear to become an extrovert to keep things going and keep the guests happy, but when you’re a guest at a party you appear to become an introvert.

As a professional speaker and educator I become an extrovert in order to deliver information, but when I attend seminars as a guest I am much more introverted.

So how do you become an extrovert in sales situations when you are naturally comfortable being an introvert?

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Here are 5 Simple Ways to Extrovert Yourself:

#1 Get passionate.

I get so excited about what I’m selling that I’m compelled to share it with the world! When you are passionate about your product, idea or service you pay less attention to how you are perceived. Instead, you pay more attention to showing that excitement for what you have to offer and how it will benefit the customer!

#2 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Once Per Day.

It is very important for me to do things that make me uncomfortable. You need to be courageous and make it a point to face your fears, no matter how big or small. The single scariest thing for me was visiting my customers or prospects in person. So that is the first thing I did every day to get over my fear, which instilled me with courage and belief in myself.

#3 Say Hello to Everyone You Pass.

I refuse to walk past any person without acknowledging them. I force myself to look everyone in the eyes and say hello. This is like exercising, it builds a muscle that enables me to decide at will when I want to be extroverted, whether I’m on a sales call or any other situation.

#4 Be So Persistent it Bothers People.

In life and business, you won’t become successful if you never get criticized, especially in sales. You need to follow up on customers so much that they actually complain about it, and once they do you need to keep following up until they admire you for your persistence. When you believe in your product, company and yourself you will be willing to insist—and risk being criticized for it.

#5 Keep Busy.

When you are constantly on the go, you don’t have time to be uncomfortable or doubt yourself. If you’re busy you are always asking people for help, getting help, and talking to people because you are running from one sales meeting or event to the next—so get out and get moving!

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Your entire life is about interactions and exchanges with others.

Extroverting requires communication.

You cannot stay introverted all day, every day—it simply doesn’t work.

The good news is, introverts can play the part of an extrovert.

And introverts can become great salespeople.

If you’re an introvert like the late Johnny Carson or myself, I want to help you.

I’m offering today Cardone University for just $99 a month—you can cancel at any time.

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Extrovert yourself—you’ll make more sales and make more money!

Be Great,


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