How my mistakes in the 1990s shaped my business and life today


The 90s were a time of pagers and floppy disks. You’ll remember movies like Titanic, Jurassic Park, and Forrest Gump. The Y2K scare was looming and people were beginning to make their first email accounts. I spent most of that decade in my 30’s. I was doing a lot of things right, but I did make some mistakes.

Today, I want to tell you about my 2 biggest mistakes of the 90’s:

MISTAKE #1—I Wasn’t Going Big Enough, Fast Enough:

I wish I would have expanded my business more aggressively and much quicker than I did. The idea of constant, unwavering expansion is counter to what we’ve all been told, and it’s unpopular; however, going big and going fast will separate you from the rest of the pack more than any other single activity.

You must think big and go fast in our current time—2018—than ever before. When I interview the CEO’s, the big-hitters, and the dominators on my show Power Players, a constant theme is that they all wished they would have gone bigger and faster when they first started out.

MISTAKE #2—My Targets Were Too Realistic:

I set targets and goals based on what was realistic rather than on giant, radical thinking. “Big think” changes the world. To go big, you must dream big, and then figure out how to go bigger than that! Read everything you can about great people and great companies’ accomplishments. Surround yourself with everything you can that inspires you to think BIG, act BIG, and reach your FULL potential.

Looking back, I realize that years ago I didn’t know I could dominate an industry, be a star of a space, and go all-in on one sector. It was a big mistake. You can’t go big if you have “realistic” goals.


I still did pretty well for myself in the 90s. I avoided making many mistakes that others in my position at the time made, such as splurging on a luxury car and flaunting my money by buying extravagant things. Throughout the 90s I increased my net worth, bought my first apartment buildings, and expanded my businesses, but looking back I know I could have done so much more.

Maybe you are in your 30’s now, maybe you are younger or older—the truth is your age doesn’t matter—you can make the remainder of this decade a great one. Go big, go fast, and set your targets high!

Be great,


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