How Deep is Your Water?

“Big ships need deep water and were not built to stay at port!”
I heard that statement at the age of 27 and it changed my life forever. I realized I wasn’t playing a big enough game and I was no longer challenging myself. I had more potential and I wasn’t putting it to full capacity. It also became apparent to me that in order for me to create the life I wanted, everything needed to change!

I lived in the same town for 27 years, had the same job, the same friends, was surrounded by small thinkers and the same challenges day after day, month after month. Routine wasn’t allowing me to grow! Reaching the top of my game at that current state did NOT satisfy me. Life was good compared to most people but I knew there were bigger fish to catch. That required me to go out to the deep water where I could be surrounded by bigger thinkers and people that were really challenging themselves—people in the deep waters with the “big game.”

Big ships were made to sail.
They weren’t built to sit at the dock or just anchor forever in the same harbor! They’re only typically at dock only to get supplies or to be repaired.

Like big ships, big people are meant to live big dreams and make big things happen!

Keep your focus on specific goals.
Go for the far stretch and watch yourself reach and grow with every opportunity.
Set sail for your deep water today.

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