Gratitude On Demand

On Thanksgiving countless numbers of people will be sitting down with their loved ones to celebrate that which they are grateful for. This is something my wife and I do at least once a month, not just once a year — and we do it with the whole family no matter their age!
Gratitude On Demand. This is a drill where our family meets and we each share 3 rounds of all the things we have to be grateful for one at a time. No one is interrupted, there is not input from others and we just listen. Each round the person sharing goes a little deeper on those things they have that they are grateful.  GOD is magical, causing everyone to come together as a team, getting them focused on the positive, listening to what each family member is grateful for, and often times revealing what others may have been taking for ‘grant-ed’.

Most people would agree that you get what you think about most, and unless you take the time to show some gratitude for the things that are working they are likely to disappear. Once full appreciation for what you have is communicated it is likely that people will start to go after more of that which is working.

To only be grateful at Thanksgiving is like only setting goals on New Years. My family talks Goals twice a month and gratitude at least once a month!  What is more important than family? — NOTHING!

Try it.

I look forward to hearing your successes!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Me, My family, and everyone in my office!


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