Get Motivated With A Daily Battle Plan

Write a Daily Battle Plan. Write a daily to do list: what you’ve got to do, the wood you’ve got to chop, the calls you’ve got to make, the appointments you’ve got to have.
You need that daily battle plan. I am going into battle everyday, baby! I am putting on my gear. I am rolling out there. I am watered up, readied up, I got my little snack, I got my 15-minute time slots scheduled, and I am going into battle.

I am not going to work. I am not going to work a schedule; I am not going to do a job. I am going to prosper. I am going out into the marketplace to “eat what I kill.” That’s the environment you’re in, folks.

You need to go into battle everyday knowing you are going into a plan of action – to execute. Let everybody else show up or just work or just do his or her job. You’re coming with a daily battle plan.

Write your daily battle plan for today. Start now.


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