Eat the Healthiest Foods You Can Afford

Eat the healthiest foods you can. Look, the fuel you put in your body is going to have something to do with your energy. It is going to have something to do with your thoughts. You go eat 32 ounces of cattle, I guarantee you your body is going to be like, “I have to digest all this now.” The body has actually got to start breaking all this cattle down and you are basically robbing yourself of energy because the body is having to do this other task.

Look, eat the healthiest foods you possibly can eat and that you can afford. I am not talking here about a diet, I am not talking about your health. I am talking about your motivation, your excitement. You want to carry as little weight as you have to carry. When I travel around the United States and around the world, I bring as few bags as possible with me. Why? Because I want to roll fast, baby! I want to hit from one activity to the next. I want to move, I want to roll, I want to go. I want to have my head start when the day starts and I want to keep that head start as the day goes on.

So I want to eat the healthiest foods I can possibly, possibly consume. For lunch today I had this Thai crunchy chicken salad. Man, it was light, easy to eat, fast! I want to eat it, gobble it and I don’t want my body spending any time getting rid of it.

I want you to write down the foods that you know aren’t good for you. You don’t have to go look them up online. You don’t need to check with the doctor on CNN. You already know, your body knows what it doesn’t like. The longer it takes to get rid of it, the worse it is for you.

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