Dominate Your Space, Don’t Compete in It

Dominate in your space, don’t compete in it. Competition is for sissies and wannabes. Competition is for the little whiny bitches of the universe, and that’s not you. Do you want to be motivated and excited? CHAMPIONS DOMINATE. They own their space.

Coca Cola, Google, Apple, in their prime they dominated. Ford Motor Company – domination. I remember when the Pittsburgh Steelers dominated, the Dallas Cowboys dominated, Chicago Bulls dominated, and the US government dominated, and now they don’t.

So what happened? They started competing, and trying to keep up with everybody else. Dominate your space. Quit playing in it. Quit spectating in it. Quit thinking about being as good as everybody else, doing what they’re doing, and trying to keep up with them.

CHAMPIONS DOMINATE. Dominate your space and own it! And I am not just talking about the business place. I am talking about dominating the space at home, where you live, and the neighborhood. Dominate it. Own it!

Do you get it? I am not talking about physical domination. I am not talking about beating someone up. I am talking about dominating space – expressing yourself in it, being in it, and owning it. Don’t just show up in it and be a spectator.

Don’t compete. Competition is not healthy. Domination!

If competition is healthy, then domination is immunity from all problems.

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