Do Whatever It Takes

Are you creating your own economy?

Have you ever tried to make a completely new start in life or in business? I did recently and I learned a lot of tough lessons from it. When I moved my business from LA to Miami, I knew there would be challenges. We decided to create a new office from the ground up. Myself and three of my key staff members relocated to Miami and we all had one thing on all our minds… EXPANSION!

We set up shop quickly so we could start hiring. It was exciting to be bringing jobs to a new city. We were looking forward to staffing up and grinding out. Then I ran into a situation I didn’t expect… finding exceptional talent, people willing to do whatever it takes became tougher than I thought. I noticed two things. First, there are great people out there looking for great opportunities and second, there are plenty of employers looking for great people. So where’s the disconnect?

Now I love big problems. Big problems get my wheels turning and creativity flowing. The truth is, my company can’t grow unless I have a solid team. I decided to go big. This problem isn’t only about me but about America. We need great people to find each other. So I decided to create a reality show that challenges people to do whatever it takes to get a job with me and join my team. I hope it inspires both employers and job seekers to reach higher and get creative when it comes to their success.

People may think it’s an unconventional approach, but look, you have to stand out. People aren’t getting the job they want because they are not successfully cutting through the competition. It doesn’t have anything to do with the economy. People are making mistakes on the interview. They’re not preparing. If you have a job, you’re being overlooked for promotions and advancements because you are either an “under the radar player,” doing the minimal or you’re doing great things but no one knows. You must know how to sell yourself and your accomplishments.

My companies interview a lot of people and I am shocked at what I see in some of these candidates. People show up high, poorly dressed and unprepared. They obviously didn’t do their research, they knew nothing about me or the goals of my organization. Some didn’t even know what job it was they applied for. They share their personal problems and speak poorly of their last employer and blame others about their current situation in their interviews. When selling yourself, you must prepare and you must bring your A game. When hiring, you need to have clear goals and the ability to spot greatness. If the role requires a great attitude and the person starts off the interview complaining about traffic, you know to move on. Save time and be targeted on who you want on your team. Some things to know:

When you show up for a job interview…

  1. Act hungry.
  2. Look great.
  3. Be clear about what you can do.
  4. Know your target. Do your research. With Google, there is no excuse for not knowing about the company or it’s leader.

If you have a job…

  1. Treat your employer like a customer.
  2. Deliver more! Go above and beyond. Don’t just do the minimal.
  3. Be the problem solver not the problem. Flagging a problem is one thing, suggesting possible solutions shows you’re a thinker and committed to the success of the organization.
  4. Be great and let everyone know it.

When hiring people…

  1. Look for great people. Don’t let the job description limit you.
  2. Pay extra for exceptional workers.
  3. Re-sell the purpose every day. Make sure your team is on board, clear on the goals and are ready to step up.
  4. Keep things exciting! People want a workplace that’s dynamic with real growth potential.

You can’t afford to wait for the economy to improve. You must keep grinding and building your own economy. If you feel you aren’t earning enough, that you don’t have the best people in your corner, that you can do more, I’m here to help you reach for more by urging you to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Hey, if you happen to be in the Orlando area on October 3rd, and want more help expanding your life and business, I’d love to see you at the 10X Your Business Seminar I’m doing with Mel Robbins, Paul Potratz, Jack Jackintelle, Christopher Music and Jason Mudd.

Be great!

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