Do Others Find You Obnoxious?

Maintain an Advance-and-Conquer Attitude, even in the face of criticism and negativity. Your clients hear the same negative news you do and bad news never fuels positive outcomes. Act competent, exude success, be positive and optimistic regardless of what is happening around you.
I was hosting my weekly radio show, discussing how to stay positive in today’s job market and a caller texted the radio station saying “That Cardone guy is obnoxious.” I responded by saying, “The guy who finds me obnoxious probably really admires and loves me, and that is his way of saying it.” I wasn’t being arrogant — I was just looking for the positive.

A woman I wanted to date years ago said the same thing about me—and she just delivered my first child! She simply couldn’t resist my positive attitude, relentless follow-up, unwillingness to take no for an answer, and commitment to continue to show her attention—even after she had labeled me obnoxious.

Your attitude affects everyone around you—those at home, at work, and everywhere in between. I want my wife, daughter, employees, colleagues, clients, and friends to see me as someone who instills hope and a positive attitude, especially when things are challenging.

I, for one have never met anyone who didn’t believe in the importance of attitude in terms of its contribution to one’s productivity and future. I would suggest that everyone reading this immediately adopt a policy that focuses on positive thinking and offers constructive solutions.

So, Advance-and-Conquer against all odds. It’s critical to your success!

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