Delta Flight 1063 Video Today Reveals Bird Strike Emergency Landing


LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Delta Flight 1063 from JFK New York to Los Angeles today suffered a bird strike. Officials confirm that the Deltaflight today April 19, 2012 suffered the strike shortly after takeoff. Nownew video has been released of the tense moments in air.

Delta Flight 1063, a Boeing 757, was set to land in Los Angeles’ LAXInternational airport today. But shortly after takeoff at 3:10 PM EST, the pilot had to turn the plane around. Passengers on board heard immediate shaking and engine sounds.

The pilot announced to passengers that the plane suffered engine trouble during a bird strike following takeoff. Among the 172 passengerswere some members of the news media.

Quickly news reporters and others on board began tweeting messages. CNN anchor Ali Velshi wrote “Very big kudos to captain and crew of @Delta 1063 JKF-LAX for a quick turnaround & landing after bird strike & cabin filling with smoke”.

One passenger tweeted the above image after the emergency landing. She wrote “Chilling at JFK after @Delta flight 1063 had to make anemergency landing due to bird strike and cabin smoke”.

Another passenger wrote a thank you to the pilot. “Thank you to the pilot of @Delta 1063 for getting me back to the ground safely. It was a landing I’ll never forget.” And Grant Cardone posted a video HERE taken mid-flight after the bird strike. No passengers were injured.

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