Criticism and the Success Formula

  1. Get so much attention you start to get criticism.
  2. Disregard the criticism and get more attention (never attack the haters).
  3. Criticism will increase to new levels, even lies, increasing the amount of attention again.
  4. Continue getting attention, disregarding the criticism, at which point the haters will move on to pick another target (they always do)!

The goal of criticism is almost never to actually help. When criticism does not offer a solution, it is always with the goal to reduce you and your efforts. Your success in the world is only limited by the amount of attention you can receive in the world!

Lastly, the ‘haters’ don’t really hate you. At best they are threatened, envious, and jealous. More accurately, they are being reminded of their inferior products and unwillingness to take the right amount of action to make their own projects successful! The little thinkers and doers come screaming from every crack and crevice the moment anyone starts to get attention for their projects and succeed!

Negative responses are so predictable that you should actually use it as an indicator that you are starting to get the right amount of attention.

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