Competition is for Sissies

I never aim to compete. I aim to dominate my sector. I want to be the absolute first name that pops into someone’s head when they hear “sales training,” “motivation,” “making money,” and issues pertaining to the economy.

The problem with competition is that people get complacent and think that just being in the game is enough. Being in the game is a huge step that not everyone makes, but domination is the only way to ensure that being in the game is valuable to anyone and to do anything less than striving for domination is doing a disservice to you, your company, and everyone who could benefit from you.

The worst thing I could do is look at my competitors and say that I just need to follow what they’re doing. I want to set the pace. I want people to scramble to try and keep up with me only to discover I am now even further ahead of them.

I want to dominate because I know what I do is important. I know that my services are needed and if I don’t aim to dominate, there’s a huge chance that people who need me won’t get the chance to know about me and get the help they need. The same goes for your company. What you have is valuable and to do anything but dominate means that you’re risking people not getting the help they need.

So if you’re somehow scared of the concept of domination, get your head right. When times are tough, the only people who are able to continue doing what needs to be done are the people who are able to dominate their sector. Those that have the ability to leave their “competition” in the dust.

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