Cardone Talks About the City of Buffalo – Winging It!

Grant Cardone goes on the Winging it! Buffalo Style morning show in Buffalo, New York prior to his Prosperity Seminar at the Statler Hotel. Cardone’s seminar is a pro bono event designed to revitalize the city and improve the lives of the attendees. Cardone emphasizes that the economic conditions we are faced with will not get better for a very long time, proclaiming that this is a real economy, it is an eat what you kill environment, not a synthetic one. The biggest mistake people make is they get sucked into all the bad news and look for other people to solve their problems. The truth is that the government nor anyone else can solve people’s problems for them so they should not look for others to do this for them. Cardone provides the science for creating your own economy. He further explains that you need to have the best attitude possible, be able to expand into contraction and become the specialist authority in your space. Cardone explained, “I help people expand into it in a big way, I go into troubled businesses and turn it around as quickly as possible, growing revenue without any money.”

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