Good Service Makes You Great

May 17, 2012

TOP 50 Traits of GREAT Salespeople: Installment 11 25. GREAT Salespeople don't see themselves selling as much as they do serving.
Every one in sales has had this experience. You are meeting someone for the first time and they ask you what you do. When you respond that you're in sales, they immediately hesitate and become a bit guarded. We all know that feeling. People think that sales is a dirty word. They immediately picture someone in a bad checkered polyester suit trying to manipulate them.
But that couldn't be further from the truth. The greatest sales people I know hardly even consider them selves to be sales people. They think of themselves as people who are there to serve the customer. A customer is coming to you because they have a problem. Make no mistake about it. There is something that isn't working right that they need fixed and they have come to you because they hope your product or service will solve their problem. But more often than not, a customer doesn't correctly diagnose or know the proper solution to their own problem.  That's what you as the sales person are there for. You are there to serve. You listen, analyze and serve the client by providing the best solution for their particular problem. It's not about manipulation, it's about being there to provide a solution. In addition, great sales people know that they cannot help a customer until a sale is made.  Customers are naturally always scared of making a decision, it's human nature. It's like a swimming coach working with children. On dry land, they explain what to do, but it isn't until that coach convinces that kid to actually get into the water that he's made any progress. Imagine your customer as one of those children. They may "know" that your product or service a good thing, but taking that first step of actually buying it is scary for them. That's why they need a great sales person; someone to show them how much better life can be and to actually get them into the water!

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