Ego Bigger Than Your Closing Ratio?

September 14, 2012

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You ever known a salesman with an ego bigger than their closing ratio? Be honest. Have you ever lost a deal because your ego got in the way? I have! You ever missed a deal and then found someone else or some other condition to blame? That is a false sense of your ability level - that is the ego that I am talking about. A sales person that thinks he knows, but doesn't really know, so blames failures on other conditions. A professional salesperson that fully accepts responsibility and understands there is always more to learn, knows there are things he/she doesn't know that may be blocking them from the next level of sales production. Ask yourself, have you ever blamed the customer, your management or some other condition? "He had bad credit." "That guy was a flake." "That lady doesn't know what she wants." "Oh had it not been for the financing I would have gotten that deal." "If only management was more flexible." "Our pricing is just not competitive." "The guy down the street is whoring his product out and has ruined the market." These are all indications of a salesperson that is trying to explain away a failed sale. We have all done it. The reality is if you are not taking responsibility for the outcome, learning something new each day and making adjustments to get better, then your ego is bigger than your paycheck. The best sales people I know, the truly great sales people are confident and driven; they can strut around like a banty rooster, but are humble and open minded enough to know what they don't know. They got great not because of a pair of $800 shoes, but because they are willing to keep getting better at their trade. Great sales people study, train and role play because they know there is so much they don't understand. The great sales people know they are dealing with human behavior and sometimes complicated people and transactions. Your confidence can only grow out of certainty, not false confidence. Certainty comes from being a student and drilling until you KNOW your business. In fact, even the best sales people, the ones who are at the TOP of their game, continue to look at what they don't know.  I talk to high performers all the time in my seminars who are at the very top of their industry, who have learned all they could, but were still paying top dollar to attend my workshop and buy my products to stay in the game. They know that no ego, no self entitlement, or false sense of superiority was worth getting in the way of closing a deal.  For those very reasons I have created a SalesIQ quiz designed to determine just how much you know and don't know. The cost to administer and grade the IQ test is $50. Are you a genius or a moron? Want to find out? Do you think you know more than you actually know? Tell you what I will do. If you score Genius I will refund you the $50 and promote your genius level of sales mastery and your company on my twitter feed. Lets face it, those that lack the willingness to look at their deficiencies will always be trapped by their deficiencies. We all must truthfully assess our strengths and weaknesses, otherwise, we will be unable to make the necessary adjustments to create continued levels of success. Dare you to confront just how much you know. I guarantee you the results will shock you and when you are done, you will be more motivated than ever in your career. I will even guarantee you an increase in your sales production just as a result of taking the quiz. Here's what I want you to do:
  1. Sign up right now for your own personal Sales IQ Test. The cost for the test and grading is $50. Anyone that scores genius will have their $50 refunded.
  2. Answer the questions as quickly as possible. You either know the material or you don't.
  3. Send your test in for grading and give us 24 hours to get back to you as each one is graded individually. When we send your results, we will give you an exact plan to increase your Sales IQ to Genius.
Confidence, competence and greatness come from first knowing what you DON'T know.

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