Advance and Conquer

Your attitude is going to determine how much action you take and how effective that action is.
It’s always a challenge to remain positive – even more so during a rough economy. This rings true for your competition as well. Ultimately, it’s the person who can maintain an optimistic outlook when things are tough who will have the best advantage and opportunity to advance and conquer.

Like I discuss in If You’re Not First, You’re Last, One way to do this is to increase urgency and necessity. Think of it this way, if your life depended on getting a sale today, you would get the sale – regardless of the economy or any other factor that gets in your way.

Children are the best example; they focus solely on getting what they want – whether it’s a new toy or some ice cream – despite any type of “recession” because they pay more attention to the outcome than the problem. Kids will relentlessly pitch as though their lives depended on it – usually until they close the “deal.” They’re all about two things – advance and conquer!

Nothing – not your product, service, or company – is more valuable than your ability to maintain and deliver a positive attitude. This influences every aspect of your life – from your physical and mental health to your financial well-being! Money and success gravitate toward those able to maintain an upbeat, solution-oriented, can-do attitude. Bring on that positivity!

Advance. Conquer. Succeed.

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