5 Quick Tips from My Best-Selling Audiobooks

5 quick tips from my best-selling audiobooks. Some people say you should never blow your own horn.

I say, why have a horn if you can’t blow it?

I’ve got several best-selling books, some of which have been at the top of the charts for literally over 7 years—and today I want to give you the most vital part of each of them.

I know that not everyone loves to read, that’s why I personally recorded each book on mp3 for you to consume the material easier.

If you’ve already listened to these mp3’s, let me know in comments below which has been your favorite one to listen to and why.

Sell or Be Sold

5 Quick Tips from My Best-Selling Audiobooks

Quick Tip: Everything in life is a sale, and your entire life is a commission.

Excerpt: “The first moment I saw Elena, I knew I’d found the girl I was going to marry. I was absolutely and completely sold from the first moment I saw her.

It also became almost immediately apparent that she, like many customers I have had, wasn’t going to make this sale very easy for me. I was taken aback by her beauty even to the point of being insecure about my qualifications to have her and my ability to get her attention. I pushed through my fears and introduced myself to her as my heart skipped and my pulse raced.

She responded to me with complete disinterest as though she couldn’t even see me. You would have thought I was a ghost that I was the invisible man. I was devastated, certain by her response that this sale would be almost impossible. The whole encounter lasted maybe a minute before she continued on with what she was doing and left me to be by myself.”

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The Millionaire Booklet

Morse Code for Your Finances

Quick Tip: You can, and should, be a millionaire if you simply think bigger from the start and then hyper-focus, and repeat the 8 simple steps I give you.

Excerpt: “Don’t spend time and money on things, toys, holidays, or moments, invest in the surest investment of your life – YOU.

When it comes to your self-improvement and education, spend whatever you must. If you must borrow money to make yourself better—do it. Remember you are not just trying to pay the bills anymore, you are playing to become a millionaire, even super-rich if you want. Find the technologies that can help you unleash the real potential in you.”

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The 10X Rule 

5 Quick Tips from My Best-Selling Audiobooks

Quick Tip: The 10X Rule establishes the right levels of actions and thinking that guarantee success.

Excerpt: “Whether your goal is to improve the planet’s social conditions or to build the most profitable company in the world, you will be required to use 10X think and actions to get there.

It isn’t a matter of education, talent, connections, personality, lucky breaks, money, technology, being in the right industry, or even being in the right place at the right time. In every case in which someone has created massive levels of success, be it a philanthropist, entrepreneur, politician, change-agent, athlete, or movie producer—I guarantee that he or she was operating using the 10X Rule during his or her ascent and attainment of success.”

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Be Obsessed or Be Average

5 Quick Tips from My Best-Selling Audiobooks

Quick Tip: My entire life people have been telling me being obsessed is a bad thing, but the reality is obsession is the only thing that will make your dreams come true.

Excerpt: “I already know you’re a big thinker, a big dreamer, and someone who wants to be a huge success.

You’re also probably extremely frustrated. You know you can do more. Every time you see others achieving greatness, you wonder, Why am I not doing that? Those succeeding aren’t necessarily smarter than you. They don’t work harder than you. So why them and not you? Even if you are a multimillionaire, you know the truth: You could be a billionaire. Or maybe you are an artist and your work sells, but you know you should be recognized internationally.

If you have this gnawing desire to be great, if you have a big dream and the talent—and I believe you do— then you should be frustrated!”

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The Closer’s Survival Guide

5 Quick Tips from My Best-Selling Audiobooks

Quick Tip: Most deals only close when the salesperson closes the deal, not because someone likes you, your company, your ideas or even your presentation.

Excerpt: “If the trick was just to be nice, most of the world, at least the nice people, would all be doing great.

The reality is that most of you put too much significance on being nice and not enough emphasis on closing the deal down! Most salespeople spend too much time on nice and never actually transition over into the close and get that actionable exchange of value. The nicest thing you can do for someone is making sure they make a decision and take action. Do you know where the word nice comes from? Its original derivation from Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary is French, and it came from the word foolish, simple, silly, ignorant, and not to know. Is that what you want to be— nice, foolish, silly, ignorant and simple?”

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I’ve heard many people tell me they’ve gotten more out of the mp3’s than from the actual books because of the way I talk, my energy, and the fact that I sometimes ad-lib and go off on a particular topic a bit longer.

If you don’t like to read, pick up one of my mp3’s and listen on your daily commute!

Be great,


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