4 Sales Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Your Job Search Results


A sales career isn’t for everyone.

Nonetheless, most people who need to work for a living will inevitably have to master the sale of at least one thing: themselves.

Even if you plan on entering the most solitary field imaginable, odds are you’ll need to sell a hiring manager on your value-add to the point that he or she is certain bringing you on board is as wise a purchase decision as the car he of she chose to park in the lot.

With that in mind, let’s examine a few strategies that make great salespeople highly effective and how you can adapt them to your job-seeking strategy.

1. Target those you can benefit most. Great salespeople recognize they’ll be more successful targeting client prospects whose problems would improve significantly by buying rather than any who might write a check.

In your job search, targeting a handful of dream employers – whether they have a job advertised or not – to whose organization you’re sure you would add value can similarly be more effective than applying and interviewing with any company that gives you a wink. “It is my belief that every company in America will hire if you if you can solve their problem,” says sales expert and serial entrepreneur Grant Cardone (grantcardone.com). “And every company has a problem. So my goal would be to find out what their problem is and figure out how you can solve it. I’ve hired people through the worst of the worst times because I’ve been convinced they’re willing and able to do whatever it takes to take my business to the next level.”


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