MUST-KNOW Money Advice on the Come Up

I learned many lessons on the come-up that eventually helped me reach financial freedom for myself and my family. But here’s a secret no one will tell you… You DON’T have to learn them the hard [...]

Should YOU Get Verified on Social Media?

Until recently, getting verified on social media meant you had a lot of followers and were someone of influence. In short, you had some clout. Now, the most prominent platforms are offering this [...]

My Formula for OUTSOURCING Jobs Exposed

I don’t hide the fact that I am outsourcing jobs in ALL of my businesses…  AND, WHY WOULD I?  Outsourcing is an effective way to scale your business, increase profit margins, and improve the [...]

How This Man SAVED His Business & Home Life

This is a story of how a man saved his business — with OUR help! Ultimately, being successful involves more than just your business. 10X helps business owners reach success in EVERY aspect of [...]

My BIGGEST Sales Pitch To Grant

The biggest sales pitch I ever made to my husband was a global target… It happened after a major partnership that I suggested fell through. In the end, the world doesn’t make life easy. Evil [...]

Taking Delivery of a 2020 Gulfstream G650ER

I never thought I would take delivery of a 2020 Gulfstream G650ER… The first time I ever flew on a private jet was when I was 52 years old, and it was my first jet. I don’t do these videos to [...]

AI Could Mean a Modern Approach to Finance

These days, natural language processing (NLP), like ChatGPT, is the hottest topic in tech. And, development in this field is moving FAST! Modern AI has opened up possibilities for a new approach [...]

Get Back on Track with Your Goals

When you fall off the wagon, how do you get back on track with your goals? What do you need to do when you lose sight of your goals and get off track with your targets? If you want to be [...]

My All-Time Top Success Advice

In this video, I give my top, candid success advice from my own life. I cover what I’ve discovered along my journey… I talk about my drug addictions, relationship losses, change, hard choices [...]

How to Reverse-Engineer Your FUTURE

How do you begin to reverse-engineer your future? You start by not living in your past! Your past has no control over your future if you don’t allow it to. In this video, I talk about a MAJOR [...]

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