How Badly Do You Want It?

This story will leave you with NO excuses going into 2020. Maria Da Conceicao is a Portuguese woman who came from NO money but today supports a school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As an orphan at a [...]


The Mandela Effect and Your Money

The Mandela Effect refers to a false memory where a person recalls something that did NOT happen or happened differently than it actually did. Many theories have arisen as to why this happens, [...]


What Are Your False Barriers?

What Are Your False Barriers? The 4-Minute Mile used to be considered a barrier. People didn’t think it could be done. Running an entire mile in 3:59???? Until Roger Bannister did it in 1954, [...]


The Grinch Can’t Beat 10X

It’s that time of year again. The Grinch Can’t Beat 10X. The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means the movie “The Grinch” will be played on laptops around the nation. You can learn [...]