12 Reasons You Should Be an Entrepreneur


Look, there are roughly 36 million articles on the Internet today that suggest entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. These same articles list common traits many successful people possess, such as persistence, persuasiveness, discipline and a strong work ethic. For over 25 years I have studied successful entrepreneurs and found that what contributed to their massive success was not what society typically considered valuable traits.


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  • Sanjay Sitaram Patil says:

    Grant You are the Master, Its really gave me the motivation.

  • Abu Talib says:

    Jaxi – your comment on Twitter about the cold blooded murder of the Houston Officer is explained by your many moves and being a member of the Clinton Foundation. I have had a lot of business dealings in the Miami region and believe I am going to make you a project within the business community. Plantation Florida is a small community. Drop a stone there and it will ripple a long way. You appear to have a fabricated resume – no name of college or anything to confirm your con job company. I’ll make sure others know where you are.

  • Caleb Powell says:

    Jaxi West is the evil who woman who Tweeted this: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/08/31/life-coach-jaxi-west-texas-cop-killing-is-what-justice-looks-like/

    She glorifies in cop killings.

    Yes, black lives do matter, and blacks need law enforcement, and cop lives do matter, but criminal lives matter less. Check out her Tweet.

  • Steve Connors says:

    Geez dude, it’s like you know me or something.

  • Robert Guitierez says:

    Every point you described, applied to me…I hope you’re right, lol

  • Samuel Muriithi says:

    So so true!

  • Will says:

    There’s more to Cardone than I thought! This describes me perfectly. I’m impressed! Just finished Sell of be sold! I definitely like the material in it

  • Theo J Ellis says:

    These points are so relevant. Especially being obsessed, disregarding authority and being labeled a rebel, etc. Love it!

  • Jaxi West says:

    I would also add Bad at Superficial Talk. Like your typical bar or cocktail stuff that is nothing substantial, nothing intriguing really, nothing exciting. Often yes/no type questions and one word answers – nothing to elaborate on. Like nothing worth talking to anyone for just to answer the same questions from different people all night.

  • Robin Bull says:

    Yep. I match all of them except being fired. Of course, I did go solo about 18 months ago. I read The 10X Rule about a month ago and it definitely changed the game for me.

  • Sabrina Bendersky says:

    I relate to a lot of these, especially the think different part and following my own path.

  • Bill Billski Margaritis says:

    Lets put it this way; no ones ever built a ground breaking or revolutionary brand or company by working like a robot until retirement. Jobs are like a filter for fodder.

  • Regal Poete says:

    As an artist we get these labels ALOT. But I have traveled the globe. Am paid to teach, train and perform. Steadily I build RegalPoete. Mightily I build a mark with my voice and in my pockets. $tay Yourself! $tay Regal! -Emonde M Prosper

  • Vaughn Reynolds says:

    I’d suggest committing to a 10X life! http://grantcardonetv.com/10xsuperlife/

  • Jamelle Sanders says:

    I relate to every single point.

  • Nathan Villarreal says:

    Welp, this is exactly how I feel. Even though there is good potential at my current sales job, it’s not enough! I need to so MORE!7

  • DigitalNomadFamily.com says:

    I agree with all of these! Now what action steps? Where do we go from here?

  • Roger Love says:

    So many of your points are me especially about going solo. Thank you Grant for your honesty.

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