A 10X Christmas Story

The holidays are a cutthroat time in the marketplace. Between companies being closed and your clients being distracted by what the kids want for Christmas, it’s hard to do any kind of business. I used to not be the biggest fan of this time of year for those very reasons. But today, I’m going to tell you a 10X Christmas story of how I went from competing with Santa to being more like him. 


Santa vs. Grant


10X Christmas Story

As I said before, I wasn’t too fond of Christmas in the past. I felt like Old Saint Nick and I were at odds. I was doing my best to run a business and this fat guy in a red suit was distracting everyone. Prospects telling me that decisions and deals would have to wait until “after the holidays,” didn’t make me feel any kind of holiday cheer. 


“Adding time to a decision doesn’t add certainty,” doesn’t mean anything this time of year. I was definitely the Scrooge of this 10X Christmas story, and I had that attitude for years. Every Christmas season, I claimed loudly I wouldn’t be beaten by Santa. Then over time, something changed. 


Christmas and Family


What Christmas is Really About

 It didn’t take any Yuletide ghosts or “It’s a Wonderful Life” stuff to get me to change my mind. I had to get my head right about what this whole Christmas thing was really about. 


First and foremost, I realized how aligned this season was with what my ideals are. Christmas has all the principles of 10X built right in. It has a strong emphasis on family which is one of the biggest reasons I work so hard. This season is all about abundance all around us. I literally talk about that all the time.


And last, Christmas is about a positive attitude. They just call it holiday spirit. I think you know I’m not going to slow down just because it’s a certain time of year. But that also means that to be 10X, I have to have the mindset year-round too. 


Here’s to a 10X Christmas and New Year.


Grant Cardone

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