10 Commandments of Retail Sales


Retailers could be in for a hard time this holiday season. According to Morgan Stanley, the American consumer is showing signs of being spent out and fatigued with uncertainty.

Regardless of the holiday season predictions, retailers must be on top of their game. They are all experiencing intense competition for the consumer, shrinking margins and a shopping season that’s five days shorter. Consumers will not tolerate sloppy sales approaches and a poor experience. If retailers want to be effective this holiday season, they must vow to serve the customer with these 10 retail commandments.

1. Thou shalt not believe anyone is “just looking.” A customer can “just look” on their tablets, smartphones and home computer. Disregard this idea that any buyer is just looking and respond with: “90 percent of the people that come here start off by having a look. Why did you come today?” Show them specials, updates and other inventory choices that may not appear on your website.


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