Your Declaration of Independence

Independence Day is about here and I want to wish you and your loved ones a great 4th. As you reflect on our freedoms this weekend, I want to remind you that the only way to create real freedom is to create massive financial success. Without money in life, your choices are extremely limited. Freedom is about having a choice. Millions of people will celebrate their freedom with fireworks on Monday but go to work Tuesday morning inwardly feeling like a slave. Let me tell you something—you have got to step outside the box and sacrifice fun today for freedom tomorrow. Prior to 2008, I wasn’t getting my financial house in order because I was playing golf three times a week. Life is not just about work and money, but how many people have no fun because of no money? The truth is living in America in 2016 doesn’t automatically entitle you to freedom. Get serious this 4th of July weekend about your financial condition—the only way to have true freedom is to get rich. Freedom includes stable cash flow, increasing income, and ultimately multiple flows of income that result in wealth. The negative reality is that millions of people in the US depend on government subsidies just to exist month to month. The average American only makes enough money to save 4% of their total income. That is 10X short of what you need to be saving—40% of your income—to create wealth and financial freedom. If your job or income depends on the economy, you are not free. You must get yourself in a position to create your own economy. If you don’t have enough customers in your pipeline and a weekend storm screws up your month, you are not free. If you lack the ability to stay motivated, you are not free. If you are a manager and can’t find great people who are motivated, you are not free. Have you created a plan for freedom, much less one that involved creating wealth? If you haven’t done so, what chance do you have of achieving it? Having freedom will require a big commitment to a different level of life. This is what the 1% know that others don’t know. The rich aren’t working just for money—they are gaining their freedom. They want control over their time. They invest to have the ability to go, do, and say what they want without penalty. Guys like Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, and myself can do and say what we want because we’ve built the financial freedom for ourselves to the point where we aren’t slaves to anybody. I want you to make a commitment this 4th of July weekend to creating freedom for yourself. Just as it took sacrifice for the US to be able to declare its independence, your personal freedom will require sacrifice. Freedom simply isn’t free. For 4th of July weekend, I decided to make Playbook to Millions $495. Get it here. It’s the perfect product for you to begin your journey to financial freedom. Make your Financial Declaration of Independence today: I hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men are not financially equal, that true life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will take sacrifice. I will pay the price today so I can pay any price tomorrow. Happy Independence Day—now go and get rich. Be great, GC Independence Day

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