Seven 10X Rules For Success by Grant Cardone


These 10X Rules will dissolve fears, increase your courage and belief in yourself, eliminate procrastination, insecurities, and provide you with a sense of purpose. It will revitalize your life, dreams and goals.

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  • Wall St. Pig

    I love the brand GC is trying to build with all his media shows, but I wonder if your spreading yourself too thin. WIT nation content has to take a lot to produce.

  • Casimiro (Casey) Garza, Jr

    Thanks, it got me out of a mental issue with someone here at work yesterday. As you said, it got someone’s attention….“keep up or get the heck out of my way!”

  • Kirsten Barrie

    Thank you for this great reminder article! I’ve been forwarding it (and your name) to friends daily!

  • William Ballard

    Great stuff Grant!

    There is always this talk about “goal setting” when we should be talking about “goal achieving”. There is so much chatter about how important goal setting is, but I find it a waste of time when their is no action behind it.

    A goal with action behind it is a dream come true, but a goal without action is a nightmare.

    After reading your post here, I am remembered of a saying from my Marine Corps days, “Adapt and Over Come!” In short, there is no barriers or boundaries except the ones we create in our own minds.

    I’m not doing myself that kind of disservice.

  • Elizabeth

    You’re the boss. Thank you!

  • Michael Kahn

    Kaboom 《¤☆¤》10X ~> Blowup like TNT….

  • Shaamel

    Its always been here but only GC can filter, sort and present such complex information is a simple manner! WTG!!!

  • Tijana Vukovic

    Yes. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!

  • Demarco504

    Man, that was a great article. I am going to read it again tomorrow

  • Rob Corbett

    Great post, GC’s approach to business definitely resonates with me. The dude knows how to sell!

  • Guest

    Yes. Exactly what I needed to her. Thank you!

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