Kids and Money Management

  • PamMJJ

    I have said over and over to parents to STOP BLAMING the Musicians, Actors and Gaming for how their children or others children turn out….It is us, as their parents, responsibility to teach our children how to live a good life with morals & values!! I explained to my son at a young age that the people in the TV (Actors) People on the Radio or MTV Videos (Singers) and yes, even the crazy characters in the Games we allowed him to play, were NOT REAL, but “Make Believe” or that they are only Characters doing a job to make us laugh, cry, or have us on the edge of our seats. It is their craft, they are people just like us, only they make a living through “Make Believe”. I am proud to say that my son is able to listen to any music he wants, watch any movie he wants (ok, within reason, folks), and play those “awful” games with blood & guts, and he has grown into one of the most sensitive, caring, responsible with great ambition for the music industry (He is a Drummer & already playing gigs with bands) & wants to go to College for a degree to fall back on, just in case the Drumming /Producing doesn’t work out. All of that due to OUR teaching our son and not allowing the “Make Believe World” to teach him the ways of the world.
    Thanks Grant!

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