Have a Contagious Attitude

Did you know that studies have shown that an attitude is contagious? If you put a group of people in a room then the person who displays the strongest attitude will influence everyone else, no matter what their attitude is.

You’ve experienced this yourself. I’m sure everyone can think of a time when they were feeling just neutral and depending on if a co-worker walked in with a bad attitude or a positive attitude that you eventually started seeing yourself adopting the same attitude.

What do you think that does to your customers if you have a bad attitude around them? They start to get a bad attitude and no one buys when they’re stuck in a bad attitude.

Maintaining a positive attitude all the time isn’t easy and it won’t be helped by drugs or BS psychobabble. You have to change that way you think. Every day that you wake up you have to be grateful for everything you have. Even if you’ve got nothing. Be grateful that you have the space cleared of junk.

Then go about each day making a conscious decision to have a great attitude, no matter what everyone else is doing. If you’re positivity is stronger than their negativity, they will eventually come to your way of thinking.

Why do you think for the last 30 years of speaking that people still come up to me saying that I changed their lives by one day of listening to me speak? Because I walk into every room determined to shine positivity. I make sure that my personality is out doing anyone’s negativity and by the end of the day, even if they haven’t learned a thing from me, they will walk out smiling and feeling great.

I challenge you to share your positive attitude with those around you. Start with your co-worker, then your boss, then your spouse and your kids. Keep working on maintaining a positive attitude until everyone around you is smiling.

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