Grant Cardone on the Kevin Miller Show

Grant Cardone returns to the Kevin Miller Show on 580 KIDO AM, Boise Idaho’s leading talk radio station. Grant warns listeners that good news about the economy will not be coming and that you need to make it good yourself by deciding to be great in your space to turn your economy around. He explains that people that are doing well are shifting their thinking with the understanding that they need to be better at their game, be more active and have more appointments and phone calls. Regarding the middle class, Grant advises that you need to get out of it and that the more politicians talk about it the worst it gets. Middle class no longer works because it is a failing formula. The same rules are no longer serving as it is a different game and a different economy now. He also explains why he wants success because it is his duty, obligation and responsibility to his wife and family so he can get his kids to a good school and have as little stress as possible with them, further explaining that people need to treat success as a personal duty not something the government makes possible. You’ll also learn about his personal story as it pertains to why he became so successful and his advice to keep pushing forward until your potential is met. Finally he tells listeners that the most satisfying aspect of his business is when he is able to turn people’s lives or businesses around through his works.

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