Get an Attitude

“People will pay more for a great attitude than they will for a great product.”
A person will spend a small amount of his income on the necessities of life and blow his entire paycheck on entertainment. Why? Because he wants to feel good! When something makes you feel good, you want more of it whether it makes sense or not. Man is moved by the things that make him feel good, especially when it comes through positive and confident experiences with other people. This overrides the greatness of the product and puts the spotlight on stellar, positive attitude.

The individual who combines a great attitude with a great product becomes unstoppable!

Remember this:
Your product, service or idea can be shopped! Your price can be beat and, sooner or later, someone will improve the product; but a great attitude cannot be shopped or bought out.  So, bring out your best and brightest because nothing is more desirable than a positive, upbeat, can-do attitude!

Tips to have a great attitude:
1. Avoid the media: newspapers, television, and radio
2. Stay away from “can’t do” people
3. Get everyone in your life on the same page
4. Avoid drugs and alcohol
5. Treat negative talk like garbage
6. Start the Negativity Diet today

Commit to no negative thoughts, ideas, or talk for the next twenty-four hours and you’ll notice a change in your thoughts and actions. You’ll even start to make a difference in those you interact with.  Put up a sign in your home and work space: “No Negativity Allowed Here” or “Only Positivity Allowed Here“.

Be positive.

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