Beware of the Work-From-Home Comfort Zone


Anything that leans toward being too comfortable, in my opinion, is a red flag. The comfort that comes with working from home is dangerous. When I hear people get excited about working from home I feel I need to warn them. Easy access to too many comforts is not good — at all. Working from home could be a disaster when you consider the potential impact on quality of life, marriage, kids… not to mention the overall success of your business.

The level of discipline it takes to work from home and generate solid results is intense, and most people fail at home because of this one fact. The home is filled with constant distractions: spouse, kids, pets, and not to mention your favorite La-Z-Boy to take a nap. The few who can discipline, segregate and manage their business from home, can find working from home extremely productive, but it is only for the most disciplined.

When working at home, consider that you will be constantly walking trough a gauntlet of distractions. These things can and will throw you off your game. An article in Forbes magazine reported that 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week and that number is expected to go up 63 percent in the next five years. Then there are 3 million Americans who work from home every day and out of them 54 percent say they are happier. I guarantee they are happy because they are more comfortable but, are they more productive?


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