Adding 10X to Art Basel

I believe art brings us all together. That meant when Art Basel came to Miami last weekend, I definitely wanted to get involved. Elena and I had the opportunity to see some incredible exhibits. It got me thinking…how I could go about adding 10X to Art Basel?

So 5 weeks before December 3, we decided to put on our first 10X Art Show right next door to our office in Aventura, Florida. 

I called on our friend, artist Anthony Ricciardi and he rose to the challenge. He created ten (of course) unique pieces based on our core principles. Keep reading to see how he mixed art and 10X. 


The Backstory of 10X Art 


As much as my quotes and material inspired it, art comes from the artist. 

Anthony Ricciardi began his career in finance with no intention of pursuing art as a career. But even though he did well for himself in finance, he found himself painting more and more. Eventually, he left finance completely to paint full-time and open his own studio. He is now more successful as an artist than he was in finance because of commitment and hard work. 


I put a heart in every painting,” Anthony said about the work at the 10X Art Show, Because if you follow your heart and work hard like what Grant teaches us, incredible things happen.”


I can’t agree more. 

Purpose of the Exhibit 


You may be wondering why I hosted an exhibit during Art Basel. Why did I choose to “add 10X to Art Basel”? The answer is simple. It was because of my wife, Elena. 


See, when I began pursuing Elena, she initially had no interest in me because I was a businessman and she was an artist. I knew from the moment I met her that she was the one for me. So that meant I had to erase the lines between business and art and combine the two. 

Artists should know business so they don’t starve and business people should be more creative. That was the purpose of this event. 


We still have some of the larger original paintings for sale as well as prints. If you are interested in taking a closer look go to


Be Great.

Grant Cardone

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  • Sasha Maxim

    It’s great to see that you’ve put on an art show. I believe the ultimate weapon, greater than any bomb, is a human being, like you pointed out, who is a combo of business plus the creative. That’s who I strive to be. Kudos to you and Elena and Anthony. You’re teaching me that I’m much greater than I ever knew. Onward and upward. The 10X movement is real and authentic. that’s what I know and appreciate.

  • Karen Banker

    Grant and Elena, Thank you for acknowledging the importance of art in our world. If you follow history, it is art that transcends time – paintings, music, theatre, architecture, and more. The majority of the rest is lost or not remembered. If you incorporate art into your life regardless of its form, your life will be richer 10x’s. Do you agree, Grant?

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