Have a Higher Purpose Than Just Money

Have a higher purpose than just money, than just the bank. And if you’re motivated by money, and if you love money, I am all for that. I totally agree with that. I think it is a great thing, and I think everyone should have more money than they have, including me.

But I need a higher purpose than that. So what I want you to do here, is to look for what the higher purpose is. What is the thing that you want money for? Oh, I want a big house. Why do you want the big house? I have to have a big house because my dad didn’t have a big house. OK, but what are you trying to get?

You’re looking for the higher purpose. I want you to drill down to what that purpose is. Why does a guy want $10 million or $20 million or $100 million? Or why does the individual want just $50 grand in the bank? Look for the higher purpose. Don’t get lost in the number.

Look for the higher purpose. Because the person that wants $50 grand and would be satisfied with that, and the person that wants $50 million, and thinks that would satisfy him or her; underneath both those situations is a purpose – a higher purpose that goes way beyond and way deeper than just $50,000 or $50 million.

So look for the higher purpose. What is it that you want, when you say you want money? I promise you, what is going to happen is, you’re going to be more motivated to hit that $50,000 or that $50 million.

And one word of warning here, as I wrote in my book The 10X Rule, I promise you, that whatever goals you have; whether it’s $50 grand or $50 million, you are underestimating, UNDERESTIMATING your full potential.

Have a purpose higher than just money and you will find your potential.

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