Ability Determines Stability

Everyone wants stability.

Stability is the buzzword of this new economy. You ask anyone what it is that they want out of their careers and lives, 9 out of 10 ail reply, “stability.” How can we achieve stability in such an unstable environment? Americans feel like they take 3 steps forward and something they can’t control sets them back 5. You wake up, go to work, arrive on time, manage others, manage your customers, try to keep positive yet you still strive for more stability. What do you need to do to get more control over your success?

Those with the ability to sell their ideas, their dreams, their products, and close others will get whatever they want in life. Think about the parts of your life where getting your way is easy. Maybe it’s with your significant other or with friends. Persuading friends on where to meet for dinner is no different from selling a customer on a product or service. You are selling people to do what you want so you can get your way. But, take it a step further and analyze your ability to close. Know what it takes to get to the close then, repeat it again and again.

When you know what to say, how to handle objections, and are armed with the appropriate responses to handle even the toughest prospect, you will not only close more deals, you will have the ability to predict your income and this is how to get stability. When you master the close, more money will follow as will the confidence and security that comes with it. There is no shortage of opportunities, there is just an abundance of opportunities not taken advantage of because the person wasn’t prepared to take it all the way and close.

Here’s what gets you what you want:

  1. Desire — What you want has to consume you.
  2. Preparation and Knowledge — Drill, practice and read.
  3. Commitment — Decide to go all the way. When the opportunity comes, ask for the business.

So think about what you want, commit to getting it and go for it!

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