Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones

Is your funnel broken, hit the phones. There’s a lot of entrepreneurs getting into e-commerce and setting up their “funnels” these days.

It’s understandable because a good sales funnel is one of the keys to making big money online.

But what if your funnel isn’t doing so well?

In fact, what if you’re funnel is doing just fine but you still could be closing more deals?

You may not like the answer to this, but here is the cold, hard truth:

You need to get on the phone.

There are too many of you hiding behind computer screens who need to simply start making calls.

You’re missing sales with just your “funnel”.

You are abandoning your own cart because you’re afraid to talk to anyone.

Let me ask you this:

Do you care so much about getting your product or service to people that you refuse NOT to close?

Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones.Purpose is a way higher motivator than money.

Are you purpose driven?

An individual can reach incredible heights in their life if they just stay in line with their purpose.

This means you have to believe in what you’re doing and what you’re selling.

If you’re not making calls, purpose could be missing in your business.

Do you care enough to pick up a phone?

This means, of course, you need to be collecting phone numbers with your opt-ins and items you have on sale.

But what do you say when you get a customer on the line?

Here’s me helping Tai Lopez getting sales from funnels to phones

This is where Cardone University comes in.

You may have your Clickfunnels, you may have your Shopify, you may even have some sales.

But do you know how to close deals when your funnel can’t?

You need tips and scripts to get the job done.

I’m talking about MASTERING the cold call, the warm call, and the piping hot call.

Whether you have leads coming in or your list is bare, I have solutions for you.

The bottom line is that you need to call someone you don’t know to get something you want.

If you get your phone game on, you will get more confidence, have higher levels of activity, and a bigger bank account.

The thing is, everybody wants…but nobody will:

  • Everybody wants… to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.
  • Everybody wants… to have six-pack abs but nobody wants to sacrifice in the gym.
  • Everybody wants… to be the boss but nobody will go out on their own.
  • Everybody wants… to be a millionaire but nobody wants to spend $99.

The willingness to call people is one of the great traits of highly successful entrepreneurs and business people.

For $99, you can get on Cardone University and I can multiply your funnel efforts.

Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones.

How badly do you want to increase your income?

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Would you be willing to even make some phone calls?

You know, it’s been said by my friend Russell Brunson that “You’re Only One Funnel Away.”

But it’s also true that “You’re only one phone call away.”

Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones.

You’re one phone call away from connecting with that Power Player.

You’re one phone call away from closing down a monster deal.

Like I said, Your Funnel’s Broke? Hit the Phones.

Whether your funnel is broke or not, whether you even have a funnel, there’s one thing I do know you need:

The Phone.

And Cardone University will help you master it.

Be Great,


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  • Colleen

    Back to basics! Social media plays it’s part in sales but nothing will beat a great sales call. Good job you!

  • Connor

    Grant is a legend!!!

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